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Chef Sous Chef is a Canadian food blog based in Toronto, inspired by the daily dishes of us; a recently married couple, newlyweds for short or simply Philip & Mystique. Our relationship sprouted seven years ago with a plate of homemade mushroom risotto; a true labour of love, if you ask Phil. It was the first meal he had ever made for Mystique, and from that fourth date moment on, it was love.

As a young couple living in Toronto, we’re challenged by convenience yet inspired by simple ingredients. Our blog is our collection of home cooked meals that encourages others to cook dishes using real ingredients. Our intention is to share real food; unprocessed, pronounceable, good for you kind of food that is flavourful, satisfying and delicious. We believe that when real ingredients are the only items on your grocery list there are no rules to eating. Real food. No rules.

We hope you use our space as a way to embrace or reconnect with wholesome and nutritious recipes that use natural and fresh ingredients allowing you to explore your right to eat the foods that make you your best self.  The key is getting in the kitchen, gathering the ingredients and being aware of what you’re consuming. Michael Pollan said it best, “Eat all the junk food you want. As long as you cook it yourself.”

Chef Sous Chef

Meet the Chef
Philip here from Chef Sous Chef, and if you haven’t guessed it already, I’m the Chef. I lead in the kitchen and am passionate about recipe testing, development and eating, of course. My love for food first started with my Saturday morning trips to the farmer’s market with my Dad, and a more recent trip to Europe where I learnt that the most beautiful and delicious meals are those made with the least amount of ingredients but high quality. Beautiful food isn’t difficult to make; the beauty lies within its simplicity.

Heritage | Italian and Irish

Favourite Chef | Anthony Bourdain

Favourite Kitchen Items | Global Chef’s Knife, Vitamix Blender, Traeger Smoker

Favourite Foods | Arugula, Maple Syrup, Bacon, Parmigiano Reggiano, Balsamic Vinegar, Butter, Pasta

Chef Sous Chef

Meet the Sous Chef
Hello, lovely to meet you. My name is Mystique, and I am the second half of our namesake, the Sous Chef. As the Sous Chef, I am Phil’s assistant in the kitchen, but unlike the traditional, my knife skills are not on point, so I stick to measuring, adding ingredients and stirring – labour of love risottos have definitely given me the arm for it. But my real skills shine through food styling, photography, editing and engaging friends like you on the blog and our social media sites.

Heritage | Guyanese

Favourite Chef | Michael Smith

Favourite Kitchen Items | BMO Marble Cheese Slab, Le Creuset Dutch Oven

Favourite Foods | Mushrooms, Eggs, Dark Chocolate, Bok Choy, Goat Cheese, Red Beets, Risotto

Before you subscribe to our newsletter and browse even more of our blog, we have one last thing to tell you. A bit of indulgence does seem to tiptoe its way in amidst the healthy every now and then. Both of us have massive sweet teeth and always leave room for dessert. But everything in moderation, right?

Bon appetit xo

Chef Sous Chef