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"Wakey Wakey XO" on small cinema sign laying on an Endy mattress with a cup of coffee, french toast, a newspaper, and two Endy pillows
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How to Nail Breakfast in Bed

There’s something incredibly intimate about waking up together, lounging in your PJs all day and treating your sweetie to a delicious breakfast in bed. We’re sharing our favourite tips and tricks for eating under the covers, just try not to wake your partner up…

February 6, 2018
Eggs, sliced avocado, and tomato sauce in black cast iron skillet
Breakfast Brunch Food and Drink

Mexican Shakshouka with Avocado and Jalapeños

Spiced with chilli powder, beans and topped with avocado, cilantro and jalapeños, our Mexican Shakshouka erupts your palate leaving your senses singing and your appetite satisfied. The post Labour Day weekend is always a weird weather moment. It is technically still summer, at least…

September 10, 2017
Breakfast Brunch Food and Drink On the Town

The Great Canadian Breakfast Sandwich

Smoked from the open fire and sandwiched between bannock, our Canadian Breakfast Sandwich is made with Canadian pork, eggs and melty Avonlea Cheddar Cheese. Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Dairy Farmers of Canada in partnership with Food Bloggers of Canada. All opinions are our own.…

August 10, 2017