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5 Summer Picnic Tips When Hosting Al Fresco

It’s officially summer here in Toronto and we’ve passed (knock on wood) the damp and muggy spring rain. It’s safe to say we’re living the blue sky, sun in our hair, 30° cliche weather where shorts, sundresses and hats are a wardrobe must. And with…

July 7, 2017
quick pickle
Food + Drink How To

The Subtle Art of the Quick Pickle

The refrigerator pickle or sometimes referred to as the quick pickle, is simply vegetables brined in vinegar, water and salt and stored in the refrigerator. Perfect for brown bag sandwiches, adding crunch factor to charcuterie boards or eating them right out of the jar with…

April 23, 2017
Walnut pesto avocado toast
Appetizer Food + Drink How To Main

2 Steppin’ Walnut Pesto

One of our favourite kitchen aromatics is the earthy, sweet with a hint of licorice scent of basil. One whiff of this garden herb and we’re immediately transferred to summer caprese salads, expertly layered cheesy lasagnas and large slices of Margherita pizzas; excuse us while we wipe…

March 13, 2017
Poke Bowl hands
Food + Drink How To

5 Steps to Poke Bowl Perfection

Aloha! One of the most recognizable food trends is the colourful, flavourful and Hawaiian, poke bowl. Pronounced poh-kay and rhymes with okay, this native dish is a mix of cold and hot ingredients, raw and cooked, plus it’s both a healthy choice with all the qualities of…

February 9, 2017
Essential Pantry Staples
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23 Essential + Real Food Pantry Staples

Our kitchen has always been the heart of our home. Even growing up, it was the place where family gathered, where broths boiled over, onion skins danced and good smells echoed. The kitchen is where memories are started, family traditions are honoured and the place…

January 13, 2017
Homemade Holiday Food Gifts - Marinated Cheese
Food + Drink How To Lifestyle

5 Homemade Holiday Food Gifts

There’s something about the holidays and the magic of the season that makes us nostalgic, appreciative and thankful for the family, friends, and coworkers we have in our life. Something as simple as a kind note is a lovely way to round out the…

December 15, 2016