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"Wakey Wakey XO" on small cinema sign laying on an Endy mattress with a cup of coffee, french toast, a newspaper, and two Endy pillows
Breakfast Date Night Lifestyle

How to Nail Breakfast in Bed

There’s something incredibly intimate about waking up together, lounging in your PJs all day and treating your sweetie to a delicious breakfast in bed. We’re sharing our favourite tips and tricks for eating under the covers, just try not to wake your partner up…

February 6, 2018
Phil pouring white wine into a pot of risotto while Mystique stirs
Date Night Lifestyle

5 Tips for the Perfect Date Night at Home

While date night at home is healthier and cheaper, spending it in at home with your partner can be an intimate and sensual evening. We’re sharing 5 date night at home ideas and tips for getting back to just the two of you through cooking. No…

January 9, 2018
Phil's hand cutting into cheese on a charcuterie and cheeseboard
Appetizer Date Night Lifestyle

A Cozy & Comforting Cheeseboard

While PJ’s are a must, and reading and playing board games is a do, we’re unwinding this holiday season with an easy yet decadent, cozy & comforting cheeseboard made together with Castello.  Disclaimer: This cozy & comforting cheeseboard was sponsored by Castello Cheese. All opinions are our…

December 26, 2017
Date Night Entertaining Lifestyle

5 Summer Picnic Tips When Hosting Al Fresco

We’re sharing our favourite picnic tips and our favourite summer activities while dining alfresco with a picnic blanket, simple yet decadent dishes and crisp, bubbly Italian prosecco. Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by the Ruffino Wines in partnership with Food Bloggers of Canada. All opinions…

July 7, 2017