A Cozy & Comforting Cheeseboard

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While PJ’s are a must, and reading and playing board games is a do, we’re unwinding this holiday season with an easy yet decadent, cozy & comforting cheeseboard made together with Castello. 

Disclaimer: This cozy & comforting cheeseboard was sponsored by Castello Cheese. All opinions are our own.

A mug of mulled wine and a comforting cheeseboard on a blanket

Decorating the tree, baking cookies, shopping lists, wrapping gifts, Christmas movies, family gatherings, and everything but a partridge in a pear tree — this is holiday, and while it’s easy to get overwhelmed by gift lists and grocery lists, Philip and I always set quiet time aside for us during the season’s hustle and bustle.

For us, unwinding includes transforming our living room floor into a cozy & comforting haven filled with pillows, blankets and candles, where PJ’s and warm socks are a must, and reading and playing board games are a do. This year’s menu consists of mulled wine and a cozy & comforting cheeseboard made together with Castello.

When curating a board the most important thing is the variety of cheeses, textures and flavours that anchor your platter. For our cozy & comforting cheeseboard we opted for the classic trifecta: Castello’s soft Double Crème White, medium Extra Creamy Danish Blue mould cheese, and hard Tickler Extra Mature cheddar cheese.

Two pictures: Left picture has comforting cheeseboard, candles and Milk and Honey Book. Right pictures has female reading a book next to the cheeseboard.

Double Crème White: a melt in your mouth cheese with seductive notes beneath a thick and velvety case. We love a bit of extra drama on a cheeseboard, so we sprinkled a touch of holiday to this cheese with a cranberry + pomegranate sauce adding a warm and rich texture to this already silky cheese. Together the velvet notes of the cheese with the warm holiday sauce evokes a true Christmas moment in every bite.

Extra Creamy Danish Blue: an aromatic cheese flavoured with extra fresh cream to add to it’s richness and texture. This blue mould pairs perfectly with nuts, and fruit and has a sweet and salty finish which is one of our favourite profiles of a blue.

Tickler Extra Mature Cheddar: a sweet and tangy cheese aged for up to 18 months, pairing perfectly with red wine (or mulled wine) and bread. For us, cheddar is a always obvious inclusion on our cheeseboards and adds an element of elevated nostalgia as it relates back to classic childhood favourites. This cheddar in particular was a perfect pairing for rosemary crackers and olives. 

Comforting cheeseboard laying on a blanket on the floor with candles, mulled wine, and books

Young couple holding books and looking at each other while sitting next to a comforting cheeseboard.Paired with capocollo, prosciutto and cured sausage and a variety of snacks perfect for lounging around including grapes, nuts, olives, crackers, bread and a few squares of dark chocolate, this cozy & comforting cheeseboard is the perfect treat to enjoy while slowing down during the holidays.

Happy Holidays and bon appetite.

Chef Sous Chef

Comforting cheeseboard styled on a marble tray with cheese, meat, chocolate, olives, fruit, and crackers.


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