Frozen Berry Smoothie Bowl

Two Smoothie Bowls with Granola, Raspberries and Seeds

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Simple, creamy and beautiful, learning how to make a smoothie bowl requires colour theory, a thick creamy smoothie base and delicious and delicate toppings. Packed with nutrients from Joyya ultrafiltered milk, oats, ginger and fruit, these smoothies will surely keep you full long after breakfast. 




Optional Toppings


No. 1 | Place the frozen fruit in the container of your bender. Pulse a few times to break up into small bits. No. 2 | Add the oats, hemp seeds, chia seeds, ginger, and Joyya ultrafiltered milk then blend on higher until it resembles soft-serve ice cream. Scrape down the sides of the container a few times if necessary. No. 3 | Scoop the smoothie out into two bowls and smooth with the back of a spoon. Top with additional toppings as desired.

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