3 Reasons to Snack on Martin’s Apple Chips

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An apple a day… eating Martin’s Apple Chips is consuming apples the way you would potato chips, except every bite is like eating the apple straight off the tree. 

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Martin’s Apple Chips. All opinions are our own.

Bag of Martin's Apple chips spilling onto a countertop

Here’s a confession: we’re guilty of excessive snacking. And while we’d love to say we always choose nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables when the snacking hour strikes, during busy times and hangry moments we often put convenience at the forefront, reaching for snacks like chips and chocolate (yes, we’re human too). But not all convenient and readily-available snacks come with guilt. Enter: Martin’s Apple Chips: naturally sweet, seasonally fresh and a truly crisp snack.

A scenic hour and a half drive west of Toronto in St. Jacobs is the Martin’s Family Fruit Farm. Earlier this year as part of an adventure with Ontario Apple Growers, Philip and I had the pleasure of touring Martin’s Family Farm and were in awe of the simple steps it took to make these chips. Coles notes version: the gala apples are cleaned, cored and sliced then placed in four temperature hydrators until they’re crisp. But cool machinery aside, Martin’s Apple Chips really are the ultimate snack and we can’t wait to tell you why.

Mystique sitting on a couch reading and eating Martin's Apple Chips
1. Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree

A true treasure, Ontario is a great region to grow and harvest a variety of apples, and in more than 180 years with over 700 acres of land, Martin’s Family Farm takes pride in every apple that leaves the orchard. But what we love most is their family’s respect for apples and its duty to showcase the apple as the original snack food as Kevin Martin’s grandfather knew them to be.

2. Comparing Apples to Apples

You know we’re all about reading labels, so we thought we’d share the ingredients in a bag of Martin’s Apple Chips. Ready? Ingredients: apples. That’s it, 100% dehydrated apples. Eating Martin’s Apple Chips is consuming apples the way you would potato chips, except every bite is like eating the apple straight off the tree. It’s amazing to know you could replace the apple in your bagged lunch with a bag of Martin’s Apple Chips without guilt or hesitation revolutionizing snacking.

3. The Where’s Waldo of Snacks

I don’t know about you but I’m a sucker for beautiful packaging and Martin’s Apple Chips does not disappoint. Classic and timeless, the rich red apple evokes emotions behind the symbolism of an apple; education, back to school, good health and influences including Isaac Newton, Apple products and New York – a powerful fruit, with powerful attributes. For us, Martin’s Apple Chips are the Where’s Waldo of packed foods; you scan the shelves and once you make eye contact with the red apple it’s the satiated, accomplished feeling of finding Waldo (only tastier).

Phil's hands grabbing Martin's Apple Chips while playing Monopoly

Martin’s Apple Chips are available at Starbucks, Costco, Winners, Bulk Barn and other retailers across Canada. Be sure to look for the giant red apple and enjoy the crunch of apple chips.

Bon appetit xo

Chef Sous Chef


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