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Hello, lovely to meet you. My name is Mystique, and I am the second half of Chef | Sous Chef – you guessed it, I’m the Sous Chef. My background in art, digital marketing and communications allows me to exercise my creativity through multiple roles. As the Sous Chef, I am Phil’s assistant in the kitchen, but unlike the traditional my knife skills are not on point, so I stick to measuring, adding ingredients and stirring – labour of love risottos have definitely given me the arm for it. But my real skills shine through food styling, photography, editing and engaging friends like you on the blog and social media sites.

Like most families, our events and holidays are spent in the kitchen, preparing family-style meals with Guyanese, Jamaican and Western influences. Although I come from a family of four – five now with Phil, we share our time with our grandmother, aunts, uncles, lots of cousins and friends, and a dining table filled with good company and good food.

While my love of cooking first spawned when I met Phil, there are three individuals who have influenced my food choices and style. First is my Dad – the main cook in our home. Growing up, he was always experimenting with layering flavours and honouring our Guyanese heritage through rich and deep curries, Asian influences and refined vegetarian dishes.

Second, is my Uncle Robert – super tall, dreads and a Jamaican accent, he highly influenced my palate as a child when he babysat me and my cousins. Porridges, baked fish in parchment, and rice and peas were always on the menu whether we liked it or not (most times not). He was from a school of eating what was made and finishing everything on our plate with a few lies that bread crust was good for our brains. And the third is my Mom. Queen of takeout, restaurants and ordering a good pizza when friends came over (basically the Lorelai Gilmore of moms) she exposed us to Italian, French and Mexican dishes making eating more fun.

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Thanks for the visit,

Sous Chef xo

Theses are a few of my favourite food things

Favourite meal: I’ve got two – soup and risotto, and pizza – okay, three
Favourite burger toppings: mayonnaise and lettuce – keep it simple
Favourite drinks: Black coffee, red wine and Brickworks cider – easy or picky, you decide
Favourite ingredients: Eggs, chickpeas, apples, rosemary, beets, goat cheese
Favourite spice: Cinnamon
Favourite season: Spring; who doesn’t love fresh ingredients and peonies
Favourite cuisine: French, but of course mon ami
Favourite cooking show: Chef at Home, Michael Smith
Favourite foodie crush: Joe Bastianich and Hugh Acheson
Favourite cooking tool: Vitamix – shakes, smoothies and soups (such smooth soups)
Favourite cookbook: Mastering the Art of French Cooking – so many tips and fine tricks, plus every recipe, no matter your cooking level, seems to come out perfected (maybe it’s Julia’s presence)
BONUS: If I could only eat one meal for the rest of my life: Quesadillas


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    Aunty Pauline
    May 3, 2016 at 9:18 am

    You never cease to amaze me Mystique. Your talent is endless and your art is exquisite.. Great blog Mystique.

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