How to Craft a Mezze Board

Mezze board styled with various foods

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The traditional Mezze Board is meant to be shared and savoured with a selection of small bites and our version boasts at home classics and simple additions that truly make you feel like you’re having tapas in the Mediterranean. 




No. 1 | Depending on the number of friends you’re feeding, grab a platter that is large enough to hold all of your curated dishes and fixings, but small enough to present a full and wholesome mis en place. Square, circular, or oval, white, patterned or coloured – the dish you choose will be your vehicle as guests snack and nibble directly from the plate.

No. 2 | A well executed mezze board includes a dip, a spread and a salad – the triple threat of the Mediterranean. Try selecting a solid mix of classics and twists to include on your board. We whipped up a traditional tabbouleh and swapped the bulgar for quinoa, opted for a simple hummus topped with dukkah and made what we like to call an express tzatziki using goat yogurt.

No 3 | Now that you’ve chosen your three main dishes, the remainder of ingredients will help fill the board and allow you to incorporate all your favourite side dishes. Of course, you should have roasted red peppers, spicy olives and sheep feta, but try other ingredients that would be great spread on a pita; roasted pearl onions, falafel, artichokes, eggplant and raw veggies.

No. 4 | Once you’ve cooked and prepared all your dishes and sides, envision what you want your board to look like. We start with a large dollop of hummus, spread it using a spoon, and top it with dukkah and chilli oil. Then corner off your tabbouleh, contain your tzatziki, build a wall of pita and fill the remaining platter with your side dishes, keeping complimenting colours, layers and textures in mind.