20 Thanksgiving Recipes from Our Table to Yours

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Thanksgiving recipes is where comforts are yearned for and cozy is found, where food is rich and deep and satisfied by the soul. This holiday has always been both Philip and my favourite, right up there next to Christmas. But what we love is the official kickoff to Autumn, the first full course meal that requires you to unbutton your pants, and the time spent with family and friends. 

We’re thrilled to share our favourite eats from appetizers to dessert and everything in between. Plus, we’ve got all the recipes for those who don’t like Turkey, twists on classic favourites and desserts guaranteed to have you saving room.

Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving Recipes: The Soup Course

Warm your guests up with a bowl of hearty and comforting soup. While Thanksgiving dinner is a marathon of dish after dish after dish, starting the meal with a bowl of light and fragrant soup is the perfect calm before the eating storm. But soup can be more than a butternut squash (not that there’s anything wrong with a good BNS soup), but we’ve shared 3 comforting soups using all the veggies from cauliflower to beets to fennel to this 24 Carrot Ginger and Orange Soup.

We also recommend these Thanksgiving Recipes:

Roasted Beet Soup with Fennel and Orange. Get the recipe here.
French Onion Soup with Beer. Get the recipe here.
Roasted Cauliflower Soup. Get the recipe here.

Thanksgiving Recipes: The Salad Course

We know we’re talking soups and salads and all you want to do is stuff your face with turkey, stuffing and pie. But what if we told you we’ve done the unthinkable and created the ultimate Thanksgiving recipe: the Stuffing Panzanella Salad. Start by toasting chunks of baguette, then pan frying your choice of sausage. Once cooled, mix with dried cranberries and walnuts, toss in a few handfuls of arugula and dress with a champagne vinegar and olive oil dressing. Each bite of toasted bread, fried sausage, dried cranberries and crunchy nuts is like a bite of stuffing, except this recipe doesn’t take hours to make.

We also recommend these Thanksgiving Recipes:

Brussels Sprout Caesar Salad. Get the recipe here.
Port Poached Pear Salad. Get the recipe here.
Fig Panzanella with Ricotta & Basil. Get the recipe here.

Thanksgiving Recipes: The Main Attraction

Ladies and gentleman, the dish you’ve all been waiting for. Drumroll please… TURKEY! But not just any turkey, have you had smoked turkey before?! Surprise your guests with another level of flavour straight off the smoker. The best part? It’s incredible served alongside your Thanksgiving recipes, but think of the smoked dishes you can make with the leftovers: smoked turkey sandwich, smoked turkey stock, smoked turkey noodle soup; mmm, could it be the leftovers are better than the actual dish?

We also recommend these Thanksgiving Recipes:

Baked Gnocchi with Vodka Sauce. Get the recipe here.
Homemade Chili and Chili Bar.  Get the recipe here.
Beef Shepherd’s Pie. Get the recipe here.

Thanksgiving Recipes: The Side Dish

Twice Baked Potatoes are what Thanksgiving dreams are made of. They are the ultimate combination of all your favourite potato fixings mixed together in a simple to prepare, simple to serve, and simple to eat Thanksgiving accompaniment. Halved baked potatoes, scooped out and mixed with sour cream, bacon, spring onions and a handful of cheese, then stuffed back topped with even more cheese and finally baked (phew that was long). Get the recipe here.

We also recommend these Thanksgiving Recipes:

Mushroom Toast with Chèvre and Thyme. Get the recipe here.
Camembert Mac and Cheese. Get the recipe here.
Cheese Soufflé. Get the recipe here.

Thanksgiving Recipes: Dessert Course

We’ve officially eaten everything possible in the house, but hope you’ve left enough room for dessert. Thanksgiving desserts are that final push that could possible cause you to loosen your belt buckle, and who could say no? From pumpkin pie, to cheese cake to apple pie, Thanksgiving desserts may just be the ultimate of holiday feasts. Our favourite is definitely an apple crisp topped with good old fashioned vanilla ice cream. It’s light, it’s hot and cold, and it’s made with apples… an apple crisp a day is the saying, isn’t it?

We also recommend these Thanksgiving Recipes:

Port Poached Pear with Blue Cheese. Get the recipe here.
Spiked Coffee Chocolate Coconut Custard. Get the recipe here.
Whole30 Pumpkin Pie. Get the recipe here.


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