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    Double Chocolate Crinkle Cookies with Candy Cane

    December 16, 2018

    Rich, decadent and chocolatey and with a hint of peppermint, these Double Chocolate Crinkle Cookies with Candy Cane bits are the ultimate cookie to serve over the holiday season.

    Cookie exchanges are a holiday tradition Philip and I look forward to every year. But how do you host a cookie exchange? Invite a group of friends over and have each person bake a batch of cookies, enough for everyone at the party to get one. Then everyone arranges their cookies on a table, and everyone takes one of each cookie, filling their tin up with unique and assorted cookies. It’s a fun, easy and interactive way to entertain over the season, but our favourite part is that everyone leaves delicious bites and new cookie recipes. 

    Chocolate Crinkle Cookies with milk and small bowl of crushed candy canes Continue Reading